“The pleasure of learning !”

Six reasons to choose P.H. DOM :

1Flexibility in personalised accompaniment:

In the first session, we will make a check-up of your levels and needs in order to create a detailed plan for the rest of your sessions. In the same session, it is completely possible to switch between different subjects such as mathematics, physics, chemistry, Spanish, French, and English. From one session to another, I will provide you with appropriate exercises. In case of classes for middle or high school students, I will send parents a detailed report of the session in order to provide all the information needed to optimise support.

Flexibility in languages, levels, and accompaniment:

Sessions can be held in French, English, or Spanish. I have students from “6ème” (11/12 years of age) to first year of university, as well as students following e-learning courses, international programmes such as IBS/SAT/Bilingual High School, prep schools for medicine, physiotherapy or nursing students as well as those preparing for BTS (vocational) or IUT (technical) qualifications. PHDOM will help you in any of these specific programs!

Flexibility in terms of prices, payment facilities and follow-ups:

Should you be taking part in individual classes, group sessions, regular follow-up, an intensive program or exam preparation, prices will be adapted and transparent. Prices will decrease gradually depending on the number of session hours and on the amount of students in each session and you will not have to pay anything in advance. You can also benefit from the CESU (see the Rates and Payment section for more information)

Flexibility in locations and times:

Sessions can be organised either at home (if you are located in Aix-en-Provence city centre), via Skype (no matter where you are based!), or in our premises in Aix-en Provence, at your convenience. It is also possible to change locations for different sessions. Times can be settled between 9AM and 10PM every day, except for Sundays and in August. This gives you real flexibility to fit in with your schedule from one week to the next.

 Adaptability to your situation :

Employees looking for a career change, adults going back to study, seniors wishing to make progress in a specific subject or getting ready for a trip, students facing difficulties or school pupils losing ground or motivation… Based on more than 10 years of experience, my fun and interactive step-by-step approach offers global yet personalised accompaniment.

Flexibility in progress evaluation:

Working with more than 150 students over 10 years, grades generally improve from 3 to 6 points on average in one or two trimesters, accompanied by better in-class understanding, more effective listening skills, a more self-sufficient learning approach, an increase in the pleasure of studying and improved self-confidence.



J’ai suivi des cours de mathématiques avec M. Hamel pendant pratiquement  mes 3 années de lycée et je ne peux être que satisfaite de son soutien!
A l’écoute, il a su comprendre mes lacunes et mes mécanismes afin d’adopter le mode d’enseignement qui me correspondait. Les mathématiques demandent de la rigueur mais l’ambiance lors des leçons est très détendue, ce qui permet d’apprendre à son rythme et de sortir du cours soulagé(e) en ayant vraiment compris ses erreurs et son cours.
Je n’avais pratiquement jamais la moyenne en seconde. Mais, ce long travail de suivi et de soutien ont porté leur fruits en me permettant d’obtenir mon bac ES avec 15/20 en mathématiques ; j’ai pu, surtout, m’épanouir et apprécier cette matière car je m’y sentais de plus en plus à l’aise.  Je recommande vivement de prendre plus de leçons pendant les vacances et périodes de révisions. J’ai pu tisser de très bon liens avec M. Hamel qui s’intéresse à chacun de ses élèves et leur centre d’intérêts. Je sais combien il est difficile de trouver un bon professeur particulier car pour la plus part ce n’est pas leur métier contrairement ou ici c’est le cas! N’hésitez plus !

Flore, Puyricard, January 2019

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(FR) Stéphanie, Luynes, Janvier 2019

Philippe was a tremendous help as I prepared for the DALF, a high-level proficiency test of French language.  I really appreciate a number of different aspects of his teaching style.  French pedagogy and attitude toward students can be very different from American, and this issue by itself can make it hard to learn.  Learning a language has a lot to do with understanding and appreciating the underlying culture.

Philippe is very good at accompanying students on their path, adjusting the way he teaches to the specific situation, creating a reassuring atmosphere and encouraging confidence.  I was ready to quit the prep-DALF from frustration with the school teachers, but Philippe was the germ that saved the day.

Merritt, Bourgogne, Dec 2018

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