Who am I ?


Hello everyone, I am Philippe Hamel, I live in Aix-en-Provence or Paris and I created P.H. DOM more than 18 years ago. After having completed my studies in Agricultural Engineering and Management, I spent more than 20 years as a research consultant and manager in international agro businesses.

As a manager, supervising, training and evaluating engineers, students, technicians and executives were part of my daily job and I organized multiple training programs.

In 2004, I realized how many families and students were looking for personalized help in several subjects at the same time and seeking teaching approaches based on building better self-confidence and giving the pleasure of learning. That is why I decided to change my career and started my private tutoring activity in mathematics, physics, chemistry.

Little by little, I extended my activity and I am now tutoring for students suffering from dyslexia, dyspraxia and dyscalculia, for students looking for bilingual trainings (AB, IGCSE, IBS,…) for adults in the process of changing career and for seniors wishing to go back to studying. Lessons can be held in french, english and spanish.

What is P.H. DOM ?

P.H. DOM’s approach is based on adapting each accompaniment to your needs, linking efficiency and pleasure of learning (and succeeding!) thanks to personalized training and reliable methods. On this website, you will find much more information about P.H. DOM’s activity.

The sessions take place in Paris or Aix-en-Provence city center (at the premises of P.H. DOM or at your home), but also at your home anywhere in France, in Europe or abroad, via Skype or Discord or FaceTime.

From one session to another, my goal is to make sure all the information given is understood, and homework is given. All of this is made with the will to develop a real pleasure of learning and become autonomous. If a part of the session is not understood, I will help you by using different examples and approaches. The personalised accompaniment is based on interactions and friendliness.

Any questions ?

Please feel free to take a look at all the information on the P.H. DOM website, you will find the following : the content of my lessons, rates and methods of payment, and the links to my Linkedin, Face Book and Superprof pages.



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