• The first half-hour of your first session is free. If you book more than 20 hours of sessions per month per student, a reduction of 2 euros/hour on the net rate is available.
  • In this period, lessons will be given at distance using Skype or FaceTime or Whatsapp.
  • In case of cancellation, please let us know the day before at the latest to allow us to reorganise our sessions. Failure to do so will result in the full rate of the session being charged.

« CESU-URSSAF Salarié multi-employeurs » Rate:

Price in euros per person, per hour

Net rate CESU rate
Individual 34 12 à 31
2 students 29 10 à 25
3 students 24 7 à 22

· CESU Rate: a way to estimate “real” hourly declaration. After your first declaration, the net salary paid will be charged by the CESU and added to the net rate declared. However, the the government will reimburse you between 50% (and even 70% for more than 65 Y.O.) of this charge after your tax declaration. This will equate to an important reductio on the net salary. The CESU reduction is issued in the form of “tax credits” for “non-taxable” individuals (who will receive a reimbursement) or in the form of a “fiscal deduction” for “taxable” individuals. These reductions automatically appear on your tax declaration once you have declared the paid P.H. DOM hours on the CESU website. Aside from signing up as a CESU employer (which only takes a few minutes) and monthly declarations of the hours worked, there is no other procedure to undertake, everything is calculated by the CESU with the tax service. This allows you to pay a lower price whilst helping to fight against illegal “cash-in-hand” work and allowing social service cover for the P.H. DOM teacher. To sign up to become a CESU employer or declare hours worked by P.H. DOM, click here.

To sign up to become a CESU employer or declare hours worked by P.H. DOM,  Click here

Declaring P.H. DOM worked hours on the CESU website at the end of each month:

Go to your CESU employer page, select the option “declaration”, fill in the following details regarding the P.H. DOM teacher: surname (“Hamel”), first name (“Philippe”), social security number (1 59 02 97 302 019 40), birth date and place: “9 february 1959, Cayenne” number of hours worked in the given month, net salary amount. Tick the option “au réel” and confirm. The CESU website is very easy to use and this process will only take a few minutes. Following this, the CESU-URSAFF automatically calculates social service charges and will declare the hours you have paid to the tax service.

Proof of CESU employment:

By signing up as an employer on the site, the resulting CESU contract is a temporary contract that does not represent any commitment from you in terms of contract length. At the end of a P.H. DOM accompaniment, you will need to create a form attesting to the end of the employment. This can be done through “Pôle Emploi” either online or by calling  3995.

To obtain an end of employment certificate from Pôle Emploi,  Click here

/!\ P.H. DOM does not accept payment by “CESU/Comité d’entreprise tickets.” but accepts “Ticket CESU Electronic Payment”

Simple ways to pay

With the CESU, the net salary is paid directly to the P.H. DOM teacher at the last lesson of the month either by bank transfer or in cash. To pay by bank transfer you will require the following details: Philippe Hamel, RIB : 12548 02998 *********00 20 IBAN: FR76 1254 8029 98 *********0 020 BIC : AXABFRPP. The 9 missing numbers will be given at your demand Please send an email confirming payment to the email address that can be found in the “contact” section of this site.

The status “multi-employeurs” of P.H. DOM in terms of the CESU URSSAF does not allow P.H. DOM to provide invoices. However, it is possible to sign up to the CESU site to declare P.H. DOM hours and benefit from tax reductions.

For CESU+, further information/ personnal estimation, without CESU, the rate can be discussed according the country and the number of hours per month. please contact us

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