P.H. DOM concept

In what languages do you teach? French, English and Spanish

Will you teach a student at their home? Yes, using one of two proven effective methods: Skype and, if a student lives less than 4km from my office, in person. Many students also come into the office to take advantage of a variety of pedagogical tools – including a blackboard – and the supportive learning environment. All methods are available at a reasonable price.

How much do lessons cost and may I pay through CESU? The first half hour of your first lesson is free. After that, the price is determined by the number of people in a class and the number of hours scheduled per week, costing from eight to twenty-six euros per hour. After four hours of instruction per week, a discount of two euros per hour will be deducted from your base cost.  CESU accepts payment in cash, by check or bank transfer and offers a possible 50% to 70% reduction for students and their families. Go to the ” Rates and Payment” tab on our website to learn more.

Is Skype an effective way to learn when teacher and student can’t be in the same place? Skype works! Each student receives all learning materials in advance of their lesson. During the lesson, screen sharing enables work to pass between student and teacher to make sure that time is spent learning and not recopying – or waiting for email.  It’s always possible to alternate instruction between in-person classes and Skype.

Can you help me determine the most effective study method? Yes. Each lesson uses a variety of tried and tested learning methods aimed at achieving proficiency in maths, physics and chemistry. You’ll learn how to formulate questions, how to listen effectively, how to retain the essentials, how to organize your materials, and how to score well in subject tests. You’ll have every tool you need to gain confidence and proficiency.

What results may I expect and what follow-up studies do you recommend? In my more than ten years of experience I’ve found that, with regular academic instruction and review, your scores may be expected to increase from three to five points in two trimesters. By providing interesting and entertaining materials I strive to make your learning experience a pleasure. You’ll gain confidence and autonomy and find your personal source of motivation for learning. Fast results in the beginning are followed by progress into greater levels of competency (progressive during the school year or intensive during vacation periods).  Study is based upon organized review of materials and lots of practice drills. Another technique I encourage is for parents to sit in on their child’s P.H.DOM course at home. They may then help with homework exercises between classes that make sure key points of the preceding lesson are reinforced.

Evaluation criteria  : to raise your proficiency level in one trimester and to improve your end-of-year exam results. Please read the comments of former students and their parents on this site and others, such as Superprof and LinkedIn. In the past ten years I have instructed more than 150 students who have succeeded in raising their scores two to five points in one year – and have achieved better grades on their final exams.

Are you available to teach during vacation periods, holidays and weekends? Yes, I teach from 9am to 8pm every day except Sunday. During vacation times I offer intensive courses for students who want to fill in the gaps in their previous learning experiences.

Do you recommend group lessons? Yes. I highly recommend group lessons for two or three students, especially during vacation periods. The only condition is that these students be at or near the same academic level. The price for group lessons is very reasonable.

Can you prepare students to succeed in specific programs, such as CNED, Hattemer, SAT, IBS or lycées internationaux? Yes. I’ve instructed dozens of students in all of these programs. Diverse classes are often conducted in a mixture of English, Spanish and French.

Do you have experience in teaching students with dyslexia, discalculie or dyspraxia?

Yes. To better teach these students I have developed a pedagogy that combines the simultaneous utilization of auditory and visual memory, rhythm and adapted work, repetitive and systematic exercises, techniques to strengthen memorization, and other proven teaching strategies.

What do you offer that’s different from typical learning institutes?

What distinguishes my pedagogy is that I combine multiple learning strategies in each class. You’ll need only one teacher, since I can adapt from one week to the next according to a student’s progress and needs. Thanks to CESU’s cost formula, my prices are competitive, particularly for groups of two or three students. Your bill is due at the end of each month (no need to pay in advance) and I can accommodate you in three languages.  Finally, I offer classes online via Skype. P.H. DOM is designed to be flexible to your schedule and is devoted to the pleasure of learning.


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