Learning with pleasure

Philippe has been a great tutor for our daughter, Hannah (Iere S in IBS). He’s very knowledgeable, patient and has a great approach.
His techniques in getting our daughter to understand challenging subjects like Physics and chemistry have been helpful. She’s learning to overcome her fears and frustrations in these subjects due to his uplifting and encouraging approach.
We highly recommend calling Philippe for your tutoring needs.
Molly and Greg, Aix en Provence, Nov 2017

Philippe Hamel accompagne notre fille Léa (T ES) depuis 2 ans en mathématiques et lui apporte un soutien indispensable autant d’un point de vue pédagogique que d’un point de vue humain. Il a renforcé ses connaissances, lui a apporté plus de méthodologie et l’a encouragée tout au long de l’année.
Valérie Aix en Provence oct 2017


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