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Our 15-year old son has been working very successfully with Mr Hamel for two years, and is tutored in maths, physics and Spanish. Mr Hamel has been especially instrumental in helping my son with his pre-IB maths program. We will continue to use him for the next couple of years as our son prepares the IGCSE exams at IBS international school. Mr Hamel is conversant in English, French and Spanish. He touches base after each session and gives useful feedback on our son’s progress.
Paige from Aix en Provence

I took classes with Philippe for a little more than a year and was very grateful ! Even if it was just an hour a week it really helped me throughout my schooling and if I ever had any difficulties Philippe helped me through them and made it very clear, wether it were in English, French or Spanish! Philippe helped me prepare for my IGCSE’s and I got the grade i was hoping for. I would recommend Philippe to anyone who needs help finding their way through a troublesome subject !
Louise from Aix en Provence

Philippe is the very best choice for French lessons. I have done both casual (1-2 hours a week) and intensive (6-8 hours a week) with exceptional retention and results. Philippe is a teacher by profession. This is very important. If you want to be a successful student, hire a real teacher.
Larry from Boston

Philippe tutored my 13-year old son in Math during the last school year. To begin, his organisation with both the parent and student are exceptional. He stays in touch via SMS and e-mail regularly and calls to speak directly to the parent if required. My son very much enjoyed working with Philippe, and felt a very good teacher/student bond with him. My son has visuel-spacial difficulties and Philippe was extremely patient with him and worked tirelessly throughout the year to help my son, adapting his style of pedogogy as needed. Philippe is also fluent in English and will tutor my older daughter in Int’l Bac mathematics this year. Bravo Philippe and thank you !
Celestin from Paris


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